It all started with a thought …

It all started with the thought that we might need to change the pump of our fish tank. Noisy and weak.

Going to PetSmart, noticed (obviously) that for only a few dollars more, we could upgrade to a bigger tank, pump and filter included.

And then, since we had a bigger tank, why not getting another fish. A Betta female, to make company to our one year old Betta (male) called Violet or Fishy.

Anyhow, went back home, washed and prepared the new tank, more gravel , put Fishy in a temporary tank, wash the old and new gravel, prepare the water with conditioner and waited until the temperature was right.

My bed both fish together and the Female Betta started attacking Fishy immediately and vigourously, so we put the tank division in (also included). And we waited, to see how both fish adapted to their new home.

But while the new fish seemed happy, Ruby from now on, Fishy seemed worse and worse, the fins were not as colorful and he seemed lethargic. Waited another 12 hours, end he was staying still for long periods of time near the surface, not moving, gloating Ina diagonal kind of way. Not good.

Another 12 hours, and definitely Fishy was not going anywhere. We isolated him in a temporary tank where his aspect and health deteriorated quickly.

24 hours after changing him to the new aquarium he died, and after a conversation with her owner, was flushed with honors.

Then back to PetSmart to purchase a replacement. Which was also attacked mercilessly by Ruby. Tank division was in again.

Now both fish appear to be happy in their new tank.

What a weekend.

Post script:

It turned out into a full Fish emergency yesterday.

One of my daughters discovered yesterday that the tank division is complitely useless, Ruby (Female) still managed to get through to Saphire (Male) and attacked him mercilessly. Then, my wife, playing around with the tank division, cracked the tank which started to loose water.

Now, a full rescue operation starts, and fishes we’re saved in vases and kitchen measuring cups, gravel and water emptied in a bucket.

Empty the cracked tank, run to PetSmart and fortunately (kudos to PetSmart!) a no fuss, no questions asked refund. We ended up trading a 2.5 gallon dividable tank, with two 1 gallon individual tanks.

Finally back to the house for the fish relocation and it not was even 5:00 pm.


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