Porn runs on Linux

Extracted from this article on the Internet.

(Debian) … host around 2% of the top 100,000 websites on the Internet. In other words, Wheezy’s release will interest large numbers of people and directly affect millions more (20% of Debian’s websites state their business as ‘Adult’).

According to Wikipedia, Apache runs 53% of web servers, followed by Microsoft at 17%.

Also according to Wikipedia , Unix / Linux runs 60% of servers, Microsoft the other 40%.

Therefore we can assume that most Apache installations run natively on Linux.

If 20% of Debian’s hosted websites state their business as “Adult”, I think we can translate the numbers to say that 20% of all Linux Web hosts are “Adult”.

That are a lot of servers, hosting a lot of “Adult” content.

Ergo, Linux is used to host reliably, critical core services across the enterprise, and Porn.

Linux offers a vital service to human kind.

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You don’t see this everyday in Tweeter. A conversation between Mark Russinovich (@markrussinovich, Microsoft Sysinternals), Mikko Hypponen (@mikko, F-Secure), and Kevin Mitnick (@kevinmitnick, No introduction needed)

Epic Hacker Tweet

Thank you guys for making my day 🙂

What NOT to do with your water bottle.

Well, If you have been reading my blog, you all know that I had the opportunity to atteend TechEd 2011 in Atlanta.

As part of the conference swag, there was the “official” laptop backpack, t-shirt, and a water bottle.

My wife had found the water bottle very practical, but I melted it away when I poured boiling hot water over it.  Now I have an abstract acrylic sculpture.

If someone in Microsoft, or anywhere, is reading this out there … Does someone has a spare bottle? 🙂  let me know.

Tech Ed 2011

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When I went to work three weeks ago, on Tuesday the 9th, I never imagined that by the next day I would be attending Tech Ed 2011 in Atlanta.  On Tuesday, my boss comes at 15:30 asking me if I could travel to Atlanta by Sunday.  The next day everything was confirmed, and I spent the rest of the week registering, and preparing the trip.

If I could make a one word definition of Tech Ed would be: Huge.

Everything is big, very northamerican.  10K geeks in a convention centre, with unlimited amounts of coffee and soft drinks, junk food, and t-shirts from vendors.

TechEd was held this year at Atlanta, GA, at the GWCC, lots of time just walking from one venue to the other, I timed myself going from the “C” wing to the “A” wing, at opposite sides and it took me 30 minutes, without much “traffic”.

On the serious side, to see the authors of your favourite reference books in live action is priceless, Mark Russinovich (Sys internals), Johan Arwidmark (OS Depoyment), Laura Chapell (Wireshark), Andy Malone (IT Security), Mark Minasi (Networking).

Thanks to my daughter, I had the opportunity of doing a “social experiment”.  She loaned me her teddy bear, named JuanFe, so that I wouldn’t be alone at Atlanta.  So I travelled with it, and decided to shoot some pictures of JuanFe attending the conference.  One day I took JuanFe in my backpack, with his head poking out.  It was hilarious to see the expressions of the people looking at me with the bear, but no one approached me to talk, curiously, only the catering people who were serving breakfast, took notice and did some positive remarks; on the other hand, I was on an electric stair, and I heard a comment on my back: “he must be a fag”, I think they assumed I didn’t hear them, or that I didn’t spoke english.  At the end, I reaffirmed the notion that people most of the time is prejudiced, and are affraid of the difference.

Its funny how 7000 people can be alone at the same time, most of them don’t talk with each other, most of them are just staring at their laptops, iPads, or Blackberries, perfectly ignoring the world around them.

I will try to document with pics.

Logistics is an art, being able to keep happy and  feed 10k geeks under 45 minutes takes lots of preparation.

The staff of the GWCC and Event Force made a great job. Also the drivers of the buse and hotels. They all try to greet you with a smile, even if most of the time people don’t answer back, or after 12 hours or more of work.

On the Geek side, Microsoft main themes on the conference are Cloud based services (Azure), and Windows 7 mobile, all products supporting some sort of connectivity end to end, from server backend to windows phone. SCCM 2012 is promising integration with mobile devices, IOS mac, Nokia Symbian, Android, but no blackberry, nothing.

Its hard to do a presentation in Tech Ed, people go to the events, but very few pay attention, they are surfing the web, facebook, or even playing solitaire on their gizmos, is someone forcing them to come here?

On the other side, there is people, lots of them actually; that cannot unplug from work, they are trying to do both things at the same time.

It was a little frustrating that my work issued Blackberry is locked down, therefore I couldn’t access the conference website, nor download the app for scanning barcode and participate in a virtual easter egg hunt.