The Five Nines

Is it resilient? Nein.

Is it available? Nein.

Is it scalable? Nein.

Is it reliable? Nein.

Does it work? Nein.

Genius Tweet from Marc Volovic‏  @marcvolovic

Toilet Water

My daughter, 10, asks:

– Mom, what I am supposed to do with the Toilet Water?

– What?

– Toilet Water … Is a small bottle …

It was a sample of Eau de Toilette.

The Anti-Social committee …

Every organization has a form of a Social committee. These talented volunteers plan and execute several activities during the year, and in the case of my work place, to collect funds mostly for the office Christmas party (which by the way is not free, you still need to buy tickets, go figure).

I don’t attend (or plan to attend) the office Christmas party, neither attend other activities such as an afternoon of pool in a bar or a golf tournament.

My preference is to keep my work activities separate from my social life, and in my book, they don’t mix. It doesn’t mean that I don’t have friends in the office, but I already share 7 hours a day, 5 days a week, so please forgive me if I don’t want to share more.

Anyhow, in the same sense that there is a social committee, I have informally created an anti-social committee, and funny enough, there are other three (so far) similar minded members, and these are the rules:

1. You don’t speak about the anti-social committee (Sorry Fight Club …)
2. You don’t mention the Anti-Social committee outside of the Anti-Social Committee.
3. The members can’t acknowledge being members of the Anti-Social Committee.
4. These rules are to be freely ignored.
5. These rules can be overridden by any unwritten rule.

Cell phones make you stupid …

Dialog this morning over the breakfast table, between my two daughters (9 and 7), my wife and I …

-10: Most of the kids in my classroom have cell phones, when I am going to get mine?.

-Wife: Not for now, we don’t want you to be walking around like …like …

-Me: Cell phones make you stupid …

– 7: You have cell phones and look at them all day, therefore you are stupid …

-Me: Could be, but we are in charge …

This explains everything

From Metro Ottawa horoscope:

 Mercury retrograde is wreaking havoc in your life, causing transportation delays and mixed-up communications. This could be the reason that you are short-tempered with others today. Chill out.

My wife has this crazy idea …

Heard in the office today.
A guy is talking how he has several game consoles that he has bought over the years.
He wanted to buy a $250 special edition gaming console, but his wife didn’t let him ..

He says:
"… my wife has this crazy idea that I have to get rid of some of my consoles before buying a new one … "

That made my day!