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The New Science and Technology Museum opens in Ottawa

After a three year and 80 million dollar renovation, the Science and Technology Museum opens it’s doors to the public on Friday. A long awaited come back, the new museum is complitely renewed and updated, with a much .ore cohesive collection, still centering with the classic steam trains, but with lots is flow between sections. The new Zoom space for small kids will be an instant winner with parents, and the rest of the museum will be a good trip for the adults who can enjoy and remember technology and admire old artifacts.

The museum goes back to basics with an eye in the future, the new exhibition for sound going from mechanical reproduction to the latest digital audio-sensory experience and the cube of silence.

The trains are still there in their magnificence tying us up to the glory of the steam industrialization era.

Then the museum jumps to mining, chemistry and the elements that make possible our present and future technologies; tying also with farming and fertilizers.

Linotype printers, radios, telephones, computers and smartphones gives us the perspective of our communication and how we interact with each other.

The five senses section centers around the senses and health technologies, and I spent a good time playing with the mechanical hands and the video camera.

There is a section on wearable technologies, from clothing and advanced fibers to smart watches and phones.

Lastly, the museum takes into the very big and very small with an assortment of telescopes and microscopes.

Sad to see the Helen Sawyer Hogg Observatory. I had the pleasure of scoring a visit and seeing the 15″ refractor. I hope there are plans to include it somewhere in the new plans, to have an operational telescope or a space where amateurs can gather and set up their tubes.

I didn’t had time to visit, but another addition to the museum is a dedicated Maker space, which I hope to visit and maybe develop some builds.

In conclusion, the new museum is a much awaited to the Ottawa landscape and a new space for families and the public in general to discover the fascinating quest of science and technology that make our daily life possible.

Kudos to the team of curators and the whole team, thanks for bringing the museum back, into a brilliant new setting, for many years to come.

This explains everything

From Metro Ottawa horoscope:

 Mercury retrograde is wreaking havoc in your life, causing transportation delays and mixed-up communications. This could be the reason that you are short-tempered with others today. Chill out.

Ottawa By-Law Officer Lack of Common Sense and Compassion.

I know Ottawa By-Law officers have a hard job, and that no one wants to pay a ticket, and that there will always be an excuse, but what I saw this morning was something else.

7:30 in the morning and I am walking in front of 55 Metcalfe towards my work.

White SUV, Very Pregnant (and beautiful) Woman waiting, while Husband takes a dolly from the trunk, loads it with three or four boxes with documents, sets the elastics around it, kiss the wife goodbye, and goes around the SUV, opens the door and when it’s climbing to the driver’s seat, By-Law Car comes from behind and cuts him, By-Law officer gets down, and gives him a ticket.


There was another car parked in front, for longer time, and (fools contempt) also gets a ticket.

The By-law officer could have perfectly give the ticket to the other car, and let the other one go away, but No, La loi c’est la loi.

But sometimes, following the letter of the law to the minute, is as dangerous as not applying the law at all.

A little common sense and compassion, please.

Justin Trudeau and the loss of innocence

Justin Trudeau’s home was broke into over the weekend.

While he was away campaigning in Winnipeg, his wife and children were asleep, as some one broke into their home, leaving a note, and kitchen knifes displayed in a rear entrance door. As creepy as it might seem, no one was harmed and nothing was taken. As far as media goes the note said “lock your doors”.

Although no one deserves this kind of stressful situation, much less a traveling dad while his young family is at home, the world now is a less rosy place at the Trudeau’s home.

I know, we live in Canada, Ottawa of all places, which is a safe place, and almost heavenly boring compared to many other places around the world, but unfortunately, the world is not padded in clouds, pink and with rainbows.

It is a very tricky scheme, the RCMP is responsible for the security of Parliamentarians outside of Parliament Hill, inside the buildings of Parliament Hill, it is the responsibility of either the House of Commons or the Senate security services.

The RCMP has dedicated security details for the Prime Minister and his family (18 million dollars a year) and the Governor General, that’s it. How far down the Canada Order of Precedence should RCMP protection be extended?

Should RCMP Protection be extended (along with their associated costs to tax payers) to the leaders of all the political parties represented in the House of Commons? Or all the MPs and Senators? The Speakers of the House and the Senate?

As far as it goes, Justin Trudeau, as prominent as he is, even as a potential Prime Minister, he is an ordinary citizen, that was elected as an MP.

But neither I would like a scenario like the one in my home country (Colombia) were any wealthy family will hire private security, and the more you have, the more important you are. But also the memories of the assassination of Swedish Prime Minister of Olof Palme, who was going to the movies with his wife in Stockholm without protection.

It’s a delicate balancing act. But while the government thinkers scratches their heads and the doers have some direction, it will take years.

For now Justin, please buy a monitored alarm and use it. You will get (or your landlord) a nice discount on your house insurance policy, it even has a nice function that will beep every time a door is opened, very useful when there are small kids around the house. Anything else would be irresponsible.