Zen Hobbies

I have found out that playing around with a telescope, let’s call it astronomy, and photography are very Zen hobbies.

Astronomy shows you that the universe scale is almost beyond human comprehension, and shows me that we are only evolutionary specks of dust, also that everything is constantly moving around us.

Photography thought me that you have to seize the moment, capture that instant, and after that, it’s gone.


Astrophotography, level 0

Just starting to play with taking pictures with a telescope and DSLR.

Setup: Nikon D40X, Dobsonian SkyWatcher 5″ (150mm), T-Adapter, Seymour Solar Filter SF750P1 .

Pictures were taken on RAW with minimal editing, just some cropping, level balancing, and exported to jpeg using Darktable on OpenSuse Linux.

Camera on manual settings to control aperture, white balance on automatic.

The f number of the telescope is 8 (1200 mm focal length / 150 mm aperture)


ISO 200, Shutter Speed 1/500.


ISO 100, 1/40


ISO 100, 1/40


ISO 100 1/10