Red Hat adopts CENTOS Linux distribution

Red Hat adopts CENTOS Linux

In a very interesting move, Red Hat it’s officially adopting the CENTOS distribution as a free server alternative with all the community and technical resources of Red Hat backing it up.

Conforming a three-tier approach covering a wide-set of alternatives and usages, from desktop oriented bleeding edge features in Fedora, to a free community based server distribution in CENTOS, to the enterprise ready with paid support in RHEL.

Welcome CENTOS to the Red Hat Family!


Exotic Linux Distros

Red Star OS: North Korea, apparently based on Fedora with custom crypto modules.
Red Flag Linux: China, based on Red Hat. (See update below)
Nova: Cuba, state sponsored Linux distribution based on Gentoo.

Some other state sponsored Linux projects around?

Update March 22, 2013

According to ARS Technica China is going to standardize around a highly customized Ubuntu Kylin 13.04

My bet is that it will be “The Great Firewall” friendly.