IBM acquires Red Hat

IBM just gobbled Red Hat for USD$34Bn or at USD$190 per share out of a market valuation of USD$116.

When I attended SUSECon 2014 IBM was there showing their System Z running SUSE tailored for SAP. The niche market for System Z and SAP is the financial and banking industry. But also in SuseCon I could see how companies were looking to run their aging and expensive AiX and System Z systems in commodity Hardware and OS.

Now with IBM acquiring Red Hat they have a strong OS, Virtualization, and Cloud offering that was missing on the IBM portfolio, filling that gap and fulfilling that need to their clients.

For SUSE who ported their system to PowerPC and Z architectures, is that effort lost? Still they are the only certified Linux to run SAP.

Now the real loser here is Oracle. They have been selling their “Oracle Unbreakable Linux” which was no more than a branded Red Hat 5. This acquisition is a death knell hit for Oracle, who now doesn’t have any OS offering to run their Database.

On the cloud front, in Red Hat Summit 2018, Red Hat was announcing new partnerships with Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. How will this play with Big Blue entering the Cloud ecosystem?

I still have mixed feelings for this acquisition, and the Red Hat Summit 2018, which I attended, shall go down in history as the last independent Summit.

How will the spirit of Open-source, and collaboration that poured out of the Red Hat Keynotes play with Big Blue?

Only time will tell.

Red Hat adopts CENTOS Linux distribution

Red Hat adopts CENTOS Linux

In a very interesting move, Red Hat it’s officially adopting the CENTOS distribution as a free server alternative with all the community and technical resources of Red Hat backing it up.

Conforming a three-tier approach covering a wide-set of alternatives and usages, from desktop oriented bleeding edge features in Fedora, to a free community based server distribution in CENTOS, to the enterprise ready with paid support in RHEL.

Welcome CENTOS to the Red Hat Family!

Exotic Linux Distros

Red Star OS: North Korea, apparently based on Fedora with custom crypto modules.
Red Flag Linux: China, based on Red Hat. (See update below)
Nova: Cuba, state sponsored Linux distribution based on Gentoo.

Some other state sponsored Linux projects around?

Update March 22, 2013

According to ARS Technica China is going to standardize around a highly customized Ubuntu Kylin 13.04

My bet is that it will be “The Great Firewall” friendly.