Cliff Stoll at Fal.Con Unite 2017

Mesmerizing presentation of Cliff Stoll, physicist, astronomer, reluctant system administrator and maybe the first IT Security professional, chasing hackers from East Germany in the 70s over phone lines, long distance exchanges, and terminals with serial ports.

Best known by his book “The Cuckoos Egg”, one of the classics for computer geeks.

Most relevant today, are his closing remarks:

All truth is one in this light:

May science and religion endeavor here for the steady evolution of mankind,

from darkness to light,

from narrowness to broad mindedness,

from prejudice to tolerance.

It is the voice of life which calls us to come and learn.

Mirror, mirror, who is the most beautiful of all? Amazon Echo will let you know.

Ok, I get it, we want to connect everything to the Internet, Internet of Things sounds cool, but at some point it has to make sense what do you want connected to the Internet.

Amazon has announced an addition to its product line with the Amazon Echo Look, same idea of “home assistant” as the Amazon Echo, but now adding a camera. The idea is that you put the Amazon Echo Look in your bedroom, bathroom, wherever, and use it to help you determine what makes you look good according to its Artificial Intelligence algorithm, instead of sending a mirror selfie to your trusted fashion adviser.

Obviously the objective is two fold, tell you to buy more clothes, and also to feed back to the fashion industry how people are wearing clothes in order to predict the next fashion trend.

Also, according to some sources Amazon has confirmed that it will keep the pictures forever.

Now I just picture when Amazon and its Echo Look gets “hacked” and you have millions of images of people naked or in underwear floating on the internet, and by the way, you look fat.