War and Revolution


Facebook Ads …

One of the many griefs of Facebook are the ads with poor reputation.
Most of them sell counterfeit goods, specially Canada Goose Parkas, or Luxury Watches at bargain prices, or at least that is what I see. Let’s remember it’s common practice to sniff the cookies of your browser, in order to tailor the ads, according to your previous web history.

Then, I saw this …

From my IT point of view is so wrong on so many levels.
First, someone is willing to give you for free a USB Key of 55 Gb. Even the size is suspicious, generally it goes in powers of 2, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128 , etc ..

Please take note of the white colour and the Apple logo. Last time I checked Apple doesn’t give away USB memory.

Second, what are you going to do with a USB Key just recieved in the mail? Obviously plug it into the computer, and guess what, I can bet it’s infected with some malware, to make your computer part of a botnet.

And for sure, for getting the USB key, you might have to register and give personal data.

How many thousands of people make click on this? Only Facebook knows.