Book Review: Sex and Punishment

Sex and Punishment, Eric Berkowitz, Counterpoint, 2013. 352 Pages.

Sex, instinctive, basic, as old as humanity, in all it’s rainbow of variations and choices.

Law, the pinnacle of civilization, what distinguish us from savages, supposedly the reflection of reason.

Two of the most potent forces in humanity, constantly colluding and shaping one another.

How law has being used to shape the most basic instinct, and how it has shaped humanity perceptions of sex for 3000 years.

Amazing read, well written and researched. Eye-opening. Highly recommended.

Ver envejecer a los padres …

Es duro ver envejecer a los padres.

El mito de la ivincibilidad se desploma.

Caminar al lado de mi padre, era una carrera contra un gigante, ahora los pasos son cortos, llenos de duda, lentos.

Las pausas más largas, los silencios mas prolongados, los pensamientos más dispersos.

Y se empieza a preguntar cómo será la vida sin ellos, pero la vida continua, implacable.

Opensuse 42.2 emergency mode after install

Reinstalling my system, clean install of OpenSuse 42.2, but then at boot, after passing grub and kernel selection, it logs into the emergency shell.

Fokkow instructions in shell, give root password, and look for errors from logs using systemctl -xb 

It turns out that it was not able to mount /home

Checked /etc/fstab and the filesystem type was marked as unknown.

Edited to ext4, save, reboot, and Presto!

Mirror, mirror, who is the most beautiful of all? Amazon Echo will let you know.

Ok, I get it, we want to connect everything to the Internet, Internet of Things sounds cool, but at some point it has to make sense what do you want connected to the Internet.

Amazon has announced an addition to its product line with the Amazon Echo Look, same idea of “home assistant” as the Amazon Echo, but now adding a camera. The idea is that you put the Amazon Echo Look in your bedroom, bathroom, wherever, and use it to help you determine what makes you look good according to its Artificial Intelligence algorithm, instead of sending a mirror selfie to your trusted fashion adviser.

Obviously the objective is two fold, tell you to buy more clothes, and also to feed back to the fashion industry how people are wearing clothes in order to predict the next fashion trend.

Also, according to some sources Amazon has confirmed that it will keep the pictures forever.

Now I just picture when Amazon and its Echo Look gets “hacked” and you have millions of images of people naked or in underwear floating on the internet, and by the way, you look fat.

Happy Easter


Meet Ishtar (Pronounced Easter), the Babylonian Goddess of love, war, fertility and sexuality.

Easter was originally the celebration for the Goddess Ishtar. Her symbols (just as the bunny and the egg) were and still are symbols for fertility and sex, or did you thought that bunnies and sex, had anything to do with resurrection?

Maybe it’s the “return to life” and spring (but only for the northern hemisphere).

After Emperor Constantine, decided to Christianize the Roman Empire, Ishtar was changed to represent Jesus, as all other deities.

But at it’s roots, Easter (Ishtar) is still to celebrate, life, fertility and sex.

Welcome back to the family, Ubuntu.

Word has come out that Ubuntu is dropping its home-bred graphical engine and interface Unity, and returning to Gnome 3 Desktop.

The experiment lasted 7 years, Unity was introduced since  version 10.10 (Maverick Meerkat) and was touted (mainly only by Canonical) as visionary, making a more efficient use of the screen (very relative), with never materialized promises of superior (gaming?) performance and stability.

Canonical is also returning to its roots,concentrating on Desktop, Server, Cloud and IoT platforms, abandoning it’s plans to further develop a Phone Operative System.

The next version of Ubuntu, running Gnome will be 18.04 (LTS)