Ottawa: Animal Land

In the early hours of the morning, around 3:30 am, a black bear was seen roaming around ByWard Market in Ottawa. For the outsiders, the Market is right at the city downtown core and a very popular destination for locals and tourists alike.

At around 6:00 am, Police cordoned a block  of the Market where the Bear had climbed a tree in a backyard and decided to take a nap.

Later in the morning, the Uber for the #BywardBear (as by now it was trending in Twitter), a transport cage, arrives and animal experts from the National Capital Commision, tranquilize the bear.

Then, the bear is descended from the tree safely, tagged, put in the transport cage, and driven to  Lanak Forest Area, 80 km. southwest of the city.

As in my past post, Operation Killdeer, Ottawa produces a fair amount of feel good stories with animals, funny enough most of them are parodied with Twitter accounts and hashtags within minutes.

Here are some of the accounts that I could find.


@HighwayMoose (postumous, moose in the 417 highway, had to be euthanized)

@octranspofox Fox found sleeping inside a bus in a parking lot.

@ottawaturkey Turkey seen first, walking across downtown in the morning rush hour, and then seen the following day riding on the roof of a bus.

@rideauraccoon Raccoon camping in the scaffolding during the renovations of Rideau Centre, two days later a massive sinkhole opens during the initial stages of construction of the new LRT tunnel underneath.

@ottawasnake Gentle python lost in suburbia, found three days later in the basement


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