On net neutrality and true-speak

On this day and age when everyone strives for individuality, people are less individual as ever.

I believe that technology is neutral. It’s the utilization of the technology by people that makes it good or bad.

A bridge can be used to communicate two countries or to invade one another, dynamite can be used for blowing up enemies in a war or for building a canal.

The internet has the potential to connect people world wide in real time, we can have virtual friendships across the globe, but we don’t talk to our neighbors.

In the Internet you can always find your niche, someone else that thinks or believes  in the same things that you do. But now everyone feels as isolated as ever.

With the revolution on mobile and portable technologies, we have the internet in the palms of our hands, conveniently, and immediately. People are now with their eyes fixed on our little screens, and with headphones isolating them (more!) from the world. We have now portable reality bubbles, where we can see what we want to see, when we want to see it. Imagine a near future with enhanced reality, and with complete virtual reality.

Never the less, without net neutrality, your service provider can choose what you see and how you see the internet. The service providers are the pipes that deliver the content, but that is whatever content we choose, not them. The service providers should not prioritize certain content, neither slow or censor content, according to their priorities.

The service providers cannot become the Ministry of Truth, delivering true-speak and alt-history.

We should be free to access whatever we want over the internet, the good, the bad and the ugly, not the “version” of the internet of someone corporation wants to impose on us.



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