Mc Donald’s new “restaurants”

Noticed and later confirmed via Buisness Insider the reason behind the new image of Mc Donald’s “restaurants”.

The reason is not to customize your burger and give you a better experience.

The reason is to replace a $15 x hour unmotivated cashier with a tactile screens.

It is also interesting how Mc Donald’s appear to have given up on the “healthy” and “upscale” food, expresso coffee (was that coffee?, absolutely horrible and always too hot) and healthy salads (never really checked in with the clientele) to massify (even more)  the burger and fries concept.

Mc Donald’s is never about giving a decent meal for a decent price, its about giving out cheap garbage food as quickly as possible. Its so bad and so cheap, that in the US, people don’t think twice about throwing a half eaten burger in the garbage can.

Next in this modernization is to replace the whole kitchen and assembly line with an ATM like experience, it’s just to teach a robot to assemble a Big Mac.

This gives a whole new meaning to a “Mc Job”.


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