Tha age of innocence

If the news story of a 4 year old kid managing to get into, fall inside the gorilla exhibition, and being saved by the staff of the Cinicinatti zoo after killing “Harambe” (a 17 year old silver back gorilla) isn’t good enough, the social media backlash against the mother and even witnesses that find the actions of the zoo justified is even more puzzling.
Why the fixation of people on the welfare of animals, and have more regard for the live of “Harambe”, that the well-being of a 4 year old kid, and the merciless backlash against a family that could be grieving a tragedy?

The roots of the problem are that society has the idea of the innocent animal killed by the evil of mankind, and the humanization of animals. It’s the myth of Tarzan but in reverse.

Similar outrage (justified) was when Cecil the lion was killed out of pleasure. Some might think that is just an expression of the superiority of Human kind over the animal.

But then why society appreciates more the life of a 17 year old gorilla that the life of a 6 month old baby drowned in the Mediterranean?

People obsession with animals is because they have given up on human race. Better save the innocent and pure animal than another evil free-thinking human being.

People obsessed with animals well-being are trying to save what they don’t have, the gorilla (in this case) represents freedom from the conventions of society and civilization.

The animal can kill for survival without consequence, live an idyllic life free of obligations, free of the conventions of society and human civilization, free from human free will, conscience,scruple, and thought, and to give in to raw instinct and strength.


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