Ottawa By-Law Officer Lack of Common Sense and Compassion.

I know Ottawa By-Law officers have a hard job, and that no one wants to pay a ticket, and that there will always be an excuse, but what I saw this morning was something else.

7:30 in the morning and I am walking in front of 55 Metcalfe towards my work.

White SUV, Very Pregnant (and beautiful) Woman waiting, while Husband takes a dolly from the trunk, loads it with three or four boxes with documents, sets the elastics around it, kiss the wife goodbye, and goes around the SUV, opens the door and when it’s climbing to the driver’s seat, By-Law Car comes from behind and cuts him, By-Law officer gets down, and gives him a ticket.


There was another car parked in front, for longer time, and (fools contempt) also gets a ticket.

The By-law officer could have perfectly give the ticket to the other car, and let the other one go away, but No, La loi c’est la loi.

But sometimes, following the letter of the law to the minute, is as dangerous as not applying the law at all.

A little common sense and compassion, please.


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