Anonymous Operations C51 and CyberPrivacy

“Anonymous Canada” and “Anonymous Quebec” (Are they even the real deal??) launched today a DDOS against the Government of Canada, only affecting for a couple of hours some websites, but the timing couldn’t be better.

The attack was launched around noon just to make it into Prime Time news and give the opportunity to the President of the Treasury Board, Minister Tony Clement to raise during Question Period and say that the Government of Canada was under a Cyber Attack.

If there were any doubts by any MP about Bill C-51 this DDOS attack only made it impossible for any dissenting MP to voice any disagreement.

At the time of writing, Bill C51 has passed the third reading into the Senate after completing it’s cycle thru the House of Commons, and only needs to be sent to the Governor General for Royal Assent,(this happened Friday morning, and presto, it’s now Law of the Land.

The protest is late and useless.

These kind of childish DDOS attacks don’t have a lasting impact, and in this case, you could maybe argue that it made Goverment more productive, since many Public Servants were unable to go to Facebook and Youtube, therefore boosting productivity for a couple of hours.

Also, it cemented the Government position on tough on crime, and how this is proof that Bill C-51 is more necessary than ever to protect the Canadian Government from cyberattacks, by increasing the powers of CSEC and CSIS.

At the end, well done Anonymous, you achieved exactly the opposite of what you pretended.


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