Movie review: Good Kill

As a teenager I saw (too) many times Top Gun (1986) with Tom Cruise. I got the shades, got the leather jacket, and wanted the bike. I felt the “need for speed”, and was ready to sign for the U.S. Navy as a combat pilot, but in my native Colombia, that was as far away as the moon in 1969.

Today, I am living the dream in Canada, got two kids, instead of the bike, got a mini-van, instead of the need for speed, got a mortgage, and instead of Charlie (Kelly Mc Gills), fell in love with my lovely wife. This is the contrast that Good Kill brings to us.

The same hot-shot Top Gun Navy Pilot, after seeing action in Irak and Afganistan, is now piloting a UAV “a drone”, from an air conditioned container full of gizmos. He is living the dream, driving his Mustang to work from his sub urban house in the Nevada desert, going to Afghanistan, Irak, or any other far away point to the globe, where a kill from above is needed, and then back home in time for flipping burgers for dinner.

But what seems to be ideal, is far from it, from changing the real feeling of piloting an F-16 to a joysitck and a couple of HD screens, to thinking of doing a real contribution in a war, to senseless killings under the direction of Langley by the phone.

At the end, a good movie, that makes hard questions, and tries to comfront the American public with the realieties of running war as a video game.


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