DD-WRT Adventures on Buffalo AirStation.

Purchased recently a Buffalo AirStation WRT-300HP2D with DD-WRT pre-installed.

One of the things during set up is to update the firmware, and this is where the adventure begins.

The Buffalo DD-WRT firmware has a nice feature to automatically check if there are updates available, and the answer was inconclusive, meaning that the update server couldn’t be reached, of course, I didn’t believed it and I went to the Buffalo support web site, and found that there was an update available for the WRT-300HP2 (note here, no D at the end). Not checking the dates, I downloaded the file, and using the firmware update utility injected it in my new shiny router.

To my surprise, after the procedure, there was no DD-WRT, there was a Buffalo Firmware from 2009 (The horror!).

Beginning to scratch my head, and browsing the Buffalo support site and the DD-WRT forums for a week, only to find complicated steps to upload the firmware using serial connections directly to the board of the router (voiding warranty), as the only viable option to restore the firmware.

I tried to upload the correct firmware to the router, downloaded from the Buffalo support site, only to be greeted by my router with an error message telling me that the firmware was incompatible with the hardware.

Finally, in the DD-WRT forum section dedicated to Bufffalo Airstations, found an interesting question leading to an answer (link). The thread in the forum suggests a valid FTP site. From there I downloaded the firmware-us.bin file.

After doing a 30/30/30 Hard Reset (plenty of references to it on Google), meaning that the reset button needs to be constantly pressed for 90 seconds. Press reset for 30 seconds, power off router, keeping the reset button pressed, for 30 seconds, powering on the router, keeping the reset button pressed, for the last 30 seconds. Don’t worry, I got it right at the N’th attempt, with my cellphone as a chronometer.

After the hard reset, I successfully uploaded via the GUI the firmware-us.bin to the router. After a reboot, the router came back with a vanilla version of DD-WRT after this I uploaded the Buffalo firmware (the correct one with a “D”) downloaded from the Buffalo support website.

From DD-WRT, to Buffalo Firmware, and back to DD-WRT. Voila.


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