The Sony Hack

This hack probably took months if not years to plan. Apparently, as more technical details emerge,  Sony suffered a deep penetration that allowed the attackers to gain domain administrator privileges. From that point they were invisible to any IT Security strategy.
The paradox is s that all this effort was made to mock Sony executives, expose personal information from some actors, and to eliminate from the face of the earth “The  Interview”, a satirical comedy around The Supreme Leader of The Peoples Republic of North Korea. The movie itself could be so bad that it may have been forgotten in the ether and never be mentioned again, but now, it will acquire a status of legend and maybe cult movie.
Now Sony has abided by the absurd demands is the Hackers, putting themselves in a very difficult position  on the “Land of the Free and the Brave” that doesn’t negotiate with terrorists.
As trivial as it might have been, the Hackers have managed to censor a bad movie. President Obama has vowed a “proportional response”; are the US going to nuke North Korea over a bad movie? Or how can the NSA hack the most offline county in the world?
Funny enough The Supreme Leader has a soft side for all American Paraphernalia including movies, but definitely, the major problem of North Korea is their lack of humour.


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