Justin Trudeau and the loss of innocence

Justin Trudeau’s home was broke into over the weekend.

While he was away campaigning in Winnipeg, his wife and children were asleep, as some one broke into their home, leaving a note, and kitchen knifes displayed in a rear entrance door. As creepy as it might seem, no one was harmed and nothing was taken. As far as media goes the note said “lock your doors”.

Although no one deserves this kind of stressful situation, much less a traveling dad while his young family is at home, the world now is a less rosy place at the Trudeau’s home.

I know, we live in Canada, Ottawa of all places, which is a safe place, and almost heavenly boring compared to many other places around the world, but unfortunately, the world is not padded in clouds, pink and with rainbows.

It is a very tricky scheme, the RCMP is responsible for the security of Parliamentarians outside of Parliament Hill, inside the buildings of Parliament Hill, it is the responsibility of either the House of Commons or the Senate security services.

The RCMP has dedicated security details for the Prime Minister and his family (18 million dollars a year) and the Governor General, that’s it. How far down the Canada Order of Precedence should RCMP protection be extended?

Should RCMP Protection be extended (along with their associated costs to tax payers) to the leaders of all the political parties represented in the House of Commons? Or all the MPs and Senators? The Speakers of the House and the Senate?

As far as it goes, Justin Trudeau, as prominent as he is, even as a potential Prime Minister, he is an ordinary citizen, that was elected as an MP.

But neither I would like a scenario like the one in my home country (Colombia) were any wealthy family will hire private security, and the more you have, the more important you are. But also the memories of the assassination of Swedish Prime Minister of Olof Palme, who was going to the movies with his wife in Stockholm without protection.

It’s a delicate balancing act. But while the government thinkers scratches their heads and the doers have some direction, it will take years.

For now Justin, please buy a monitored alarm and use it. You will get (or your landlord) a nice discount on your house insurance policy, it even has a nice function that will beep every time a door is opened, very useful when there are small kids around the house. Anything else would be irresponsible.


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