Don’t watch soccer games with women …

As a dispassionate Colombian, I don’t particularly enjoy watching a soccer game, never the less, I was invited by a friend, who is a very passionate about supporting the national soccer team in the World Cup in Brazil, to see the first period of the game against Ivory Coast in a shopping mall. We will just watch the game while eating lunch.

When I arrived, she was in the front line to the TV, and she had the whole kit, the national soccer jersey and the national flag.

She was with another two women friends, non colombian, and between all three of them, they didn’t much clue about the game; they will shout for nothing, clap, cheer, suffer, and compare the physical attributes of the players, nice face, firm butt, the strong legs, etc.

If it was the other way around, Me watching a womens team of some sort of sport, and I would start talking like that about the players, they would characterize me as a misogynist pig, because I would be sexually objectifying women. But then, it’s OK, if women comment the same things about a man.

Never again. 🙂


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