The Snowden Effect

Edward Snowden latest allegations in his first full interview with NBC, claims that he is a trained spy for the CIA, and not the plain Systems Administrator for the NSA contracted by BoozAllen. 

So here is my theory. There are two main forms of collecting intelligence Human (HUMInt) and Electronic and Signals (ELInt / SIGInt).

The CIA main business is Human Intelligence, the NSA is Electronic and Signals Intelligence.

The CIA is having a rough time, not foreseeing the attacks in Benghazi, Libya, the Ukraine Crisis with Russia, and in Africa the  conflict in the Central African Republic, or the attacks in Nigeria.

The NSA is stealing the show with “Owning the Internet” program, and eating most of the budget with massive Data Centres in Utah.

Also, because of Snowden allegations, there are strained relations between the US Government Intelligence, and IT Providers, such as Microsoft, Google, Facebook, et al. Even closing providers such as Lavabit, or the latest (could be?) the TrueCrypt project. 

So, if Snowden is in reality a CIA Agent, is it legal for the CIA to operate an agent in American Soil? And then, is this a CIA operation in order to discredit the NSA and steal their thunder and their budget?

So Snowden comes in as an equalizer in the Intelligence game.

Just my theory.

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