Of gaps, bridges and whales …

Just read this article of the latest social media craze, the Chinese “Finger Trap” beauty test.

While the “Finger Trap” is a pretty dumb as a beauty test, the article refers to other beauty tests such as the “Thigh Gap” and the “Bikini Bridge”.

From my humble point of view, I really don’t care about the Thigh Gap. But above all, girls, please don’t Photoshop your pictures. (Examples here and here and here).

For the bikini bridge (It even has it’s own Tumblr feed here), I have to confess to find it sexy and erotic, but only if it occurs naturally.

Also I find sexy and erotic a nice “Whale Tail” (Tumblr feed here), again, as long as it occurs spontaneously.

And please above all, don’t think about being an anorexic. Simply put, Anorexic girls are not sexy.

There is a Colombian saying that more or less goes “Men like to see skinny, but grab chubby”.


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