Google glass or Apple iWatch, which will be the next “me” wearable device?

 I received an e-mail from Google, stating that tomorrow, April 15, there will be a limited quantity (no details) of Google Glass for new “Glass Explorers”.

I the website are the details. The most interesting part, I think, is the price mark of US$1500.

so if you have the time, and the US$1500 to spare, tomorrow is your early Christmas.

So far there are two serious contenders on this field of “me” wearable devices.

On one side, with not many details, is the touted iWatch.

My guess, is that the iWatch will connect to the flagship iPhone 6 to be launched in September, just in time for Christmas.

It has been rumored that Apple has bought or made close contact with electro-medical companies, and that the iWatch, since it will be wore in close contact with the skin, will be your health probe, and the iPhone will boast numerous health related applications, everything from respiration frequency, heartbeat, temperature, and even glucose levels for diabetics. Apple knows that their target market is getting old and therefore health conscious, imagine, having the certified “Bayer” App for gluco-meters?  Remote pre-admission to an ER? Do quick lab tests in your home with your phone? iPregnancy Test anyone? Or the right ovulation time for conceiving? It is a gigantic business. Just imagine the possibilities.

On a side note Samsung has made available a watch, the Galaxy Gear, that connects with its flagship Galaxy 5, but some testing of the latest biomedical functions of the Galaxy 5s show very distant results between the phone / watch and the “real deal”. As often before, Samsung just goes ahead and half-implements functions, just to be the first in the market, but in the case of Bio-Medical,it can be dangerous, obviously, accepting the App implies to accept a legal contract, in which no one will be responsible for anything.

Google Glass, is gambling in another direction, the millennial generation that is starting to have money and are the adventurous type, that have the need to be online at all times, the ability to record from a personal perspective any event, making the Google Glass a much more intimate experience, an assistant to remember faces, a tool that recognizes voice commands and gives out information, a “visual Siri”, I imagine the great utility when cooking, you have the recipe at your eyes, no need for a tablet or a computer in the kitchen, to know the next bus or train, or give directions on the fly. Also I predict, the first industry to adopt and use the Glass to record video in a “first person” will be the Porn industry, they are always on the edge of technology.

The challenge to Google Glass is a cultural and legal one, will driving while wearing one be declared illegal? How many companies, businesses, or establishments will ban the device? How many working environments will accept it?

Time will tell.


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