Presto Woes Continue …

As this article today from the Ottawa Citizen,

In my particular case, the "best selling feature" of the card doesn’t work. I got migrated from EcoPass to a Pre-Loaded Monthly Presto Card in mid october. After October 18, I set up the card to autoload every month out of my credit card the value of the pass. Later, the first auto load debited two times ($98 x 2). I called customer care on Oct. 30, who gave me a ticket number and promised "to send a fax to the back desk". To no communiction, I called back on Nov. 15, they checked the case, and stated that the backcdesk is backlogged, but someone will take care. Basically, they have kept my money for a month, without any solution, neither crediting back one of the transactions, or extending my pass to Dec. 31. It’s simply not functional. I also concede, that the web site is confuding between, Reload, Auto-Reload, Auto Renew Managment
Simply horrible.


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