Throne Speech for Harperland

Last Wednesday the Harper Government resumed parliament one month after an unnecessary Prorogation, with the proclamation by the Governor General of the Speech from the Throne.

It’s the third time that the Harper Government uses this mechanism meant for extraordinary times, to dilute scandals and attempt to steal the momentum from the opposition.

This Throne Speech shows that the political capital of the conservatives is exhausted when as priorities of a government are lower cable fees and lower cell phone roaming charges.

Imposing to the cable companies individual channel subscriptions and not packages, will make the cable companies increase the prices for each channel, making more money at the end; lower cell phone roaming charges, only used when families go on vacation. The middle class is struggling to keep their living standards, food is more expensive, and guess what, most have already cut the cable, and the phone line, and there is no money for traveling abroad, only “staycations”.

If I could categorize the comments around this Throne Speech, across the media, I am reading shallow.

The gravy train of magic macro-economic money has begun, with the Finance Minister announcing the end of the deficit the just in time for kicking off the 2015 campaign.


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