The suicide pill?

The latest political scandal in Ottawa.

Senator Mike Duffy, former news anchor and journalist, (let’s say) forgets or doesn’t understand completely the rules about housing expenses, claiming more than CAD$90,000 in subsidies.

After an audit and a Senate clarification, he is forced to pay back the money.

Since apparently he doesn’t have it (he has a yearly salary base of CAD$137,000), a “friend” (Nigel Wright, Prime Minister’s Chief of Staff), makes him a personal check for CAD$90,000.

Mike Duffy pays back the money, and all its solved.

So my theory goes like this, there are other Senators involved in this scandal (Patrick Brazeau and Marc Harb), Brazeau conservative, was let fall in the scandal, after a home violence incident. Marc Harb is a Liberal. So apparently only Mike has friends within PMO.

The PM Harper Government is famous for their Micro-Management and tight communications control.

By making the scandal very obvious and public, the Harper Government is pushing for Senate Abolition, both in the news, and in the public opinion, and making the situation indefensible for the Senate, and unavoidable for the House of Commons.

Duffy has just taken the suicide pill.


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