States on Twitter

Today I discovered the @Canada twitter account, created by someone and thanks to @pmharper, @twitplomacy and @xabel, the account was transferred to “The Canadian Government” since November 18, and up to date, mute.

Apparently was The Prime Minister (@pmharper) who initiated the request to have the account transferred, but he doesn’t want it for himself, but to “The Canadian Government” (without requesting anything in exchange).

My question is, who is the “Canadian Government”? I sent a twit asking this, and so far no answer.  Would it be the Governor General? The Speaker of the House of Commons? or The Speaker for The Senate? I just don’t want the account used for political means.

It would be interesting to repeat the model of Sweden (@Sweden) where a committee rotates the ownership weekly of the account between interested citizens.  The theory is that by doing this the account will reflect Swedish society.

There is a @Colombia account but it has been suspended by Twitter, who knows what happened?



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