OpenSUSE, Handbrake and VLC

After installing OpenSUSE, in order to have access to more software, a common step is to add the "Packman" repository from the communtity.
One big advantage is that it provides many linux applications ported to Open Suse.
One of them is Handbrake for video re-coding into other formats.
One problem is that Handbrake won’t open most DVDs because it lacks the libdvdcss library used to decode the DVDs.
This library could not be installed on it’s own from the repositories.
A solution, install VLC following the instructions from the project web page (there are specific instructions for SUSE), add their project repository, install VLC, and install the libdvdcss library.

Presto! Now Handbrake will open most DVDs.

Happy Encoding.


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