XBMC on Open Suse

My current setup is my Desktop PC, with an AMD A5 processor which has an integrated Radeon HD7000 series video processor.

I am running Open Suse 12.2 “Mantis”, included the “packman” repository and installed XBMC 11 “Eden”.

When I upgraded XBMC 11 from “Eden” to XBMC 12 “Frodo”, when executing xbmc I had an error sort of “unresolved symbols”.

After uninstalling and reinstalling XBMC and doing a Zypper Update, to no avail.
I also did a Zypper Install New Recommends, also unsuccesfully.

Finally I fixed the issue by doing a Zypper Distribution Upgrade, this changes the ownership of some libraries from the main Open Suse reposotory to the Packman repository, removes an offenting library, and re-installs with a previous version.

Et Voila!

XBMC 12 Frodo working on OpenSuse 12.2 Mantis.



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