How Google made my Blackberry smartphone dumber

For a year I have had a Blackberry Curve smartphone. Now Google has made it a lot dumber.

Although I don’t have a data plan with my mobile carrier, the Blackberry Curve has WiFi capabilities, and along with a nifty piece of Google software called Google Sync, if I was within my WiFi range, I could synchronize my Google Calendar and Contacts.

Now Google has quitely ended the Google sync service, making my Blackberry very dumb.
Now before you say “that hapens when you have a Blackberry”, I have also a Playbook tablet, which natively is capable of synchronizing my e-mail, calendar and contacts with Google.

Why doesn’t Blackberry extend this capability to my Curve? The answer has two parts, one is to “force” me into buying a data plan that I don’t need or want from my carrier, and the other one is to wait for the miraculous revival of Blackberry with BB10.

Although you might think that you have a choice when buying a cellphone, I think that in reality you don’t. You have to choose a cellphone around the “cloud” you are using, either Google with Android, Microsoft with Windows Phone, or Apple with the iPhone.  All “cloud” providers are making their service offers mutually exclusive.

Blackberry is the last “independent” cellphone maker, the last one that could connect to everything, the last one with a keyboard. I chose Blackberry because I am the kind of guy that the second thing I do after buying a laptop and powering it on, is to install Linux. I believe that hardware should be independent from software, that you should have options to mix and match, but apparently the world is going in the opposite direction.


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