My Microwave Oven Died ..

And that is not very interesting.

It just died in the middle of the morning rush to prepare breakfast, more exactly, thawing frozen bacon.

It simply died, no fireworks, no sparks, not even a beep.

Besides the search for a new one, the interesting part from the microwave’s death is that it is the first purchase I made in Canada when I immigrated, 9 years and 6 months ago.

That Monday morning, after going to the bank to open a checking account; I was amazed that I was given immediately a debit card, and fifteen minutes later, I was at Canadian Tire, purchasing the Microwave oven.

Now that I remember, that oven that died today, was not my first purchase in Canada, It was the second one.  Some time after I purchased that microwave oven in Canadian Tire, I went to Walmart, and found the same oven a little cheaper.  I just thought that was it, but my friend who was helping me that day, said to me, buy it and we will return the other one. Simple.

To my amazement, I was returning the oven to Canadian Tire, without the need to give any reason a little over an  hour after being bought.


3 Replies to “My Microwave Oven Died ..”

    1. Careful there Ricky :-). Are you implying that I was less free in Colombia, simply because we cannot return something at a store with the same ease as here? I don’t think it has anything to do with freedom but more with consumism.


      1. I do say that freedom does indeed have some part to play. The more a people have freedom the more they can demand things from companies and government. Companies giving us the ability to return things so easily did not come about out of the goodwill of the company but out of clients expressing frustrations and even governments enacting consumer protection laws.

        So to some extent I do think there is more freedom here than in Colombia “in this case”, in so much as the consumer protections laws are probably not as elaborate.

        In other respects Columbia has more freedom than Canada, like the proportional voting system, much more democratic and giving individuals much more freedom in how they will vote.


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