The Beauty of a Woman over 40.


This appeared on Facebook in Spanish, originally attributed to Colombian writer Santiago Gamboa., this is a loose translation.  He has written similar articles in Spanish, but I have not been able to find the original one from a trusted source, anyhow, here it is.


The Women from my generation are the best. No doubt about it.  Today they are around 40 or even 50 something, and they are beautiful, very beautiful, but also serene, understanding, wise, and over all, devilishly seductive, even with their incipient wrinkles around the eyes or that  affectionate cellulite that command their thighs, but that make them so human, so real.

Beautifully real.

Almost all of them are married or divorced, or divorced and married again, with the idea of not getting it wrong the second time, and sometimes they are approaching the third attempt, or the fourth. It doesn’t matter.

Others, but a few, they keep a fierce singleness, and protect it as a city under siege, but never the less, now and then, opens its doors to some visitor.

Born in the Age of Aquarius, under the influence of The Beatles and Bob Dylan … Heirs of the sexual revolution of the 60s and the feminist movement, but with its ideals distilled and filtered, they know how to mix their freedom with flirt, emancipation with passion, assertiveness with seduction.

They never saw the man as an enemy despite telling him more than one truth, because they understood that to emancipate themselves was more than to put men to mop the bathroom floor or change the toilet paper when it fatally runs out, and they decided to pact a truce in order live as a couple.

They are wonderful and have style, even when they make us suffer when they betray us or leave us.  They used Hindu skirts at 18, they covered themselves with wool sweaters, and they lost their similitude with Mary, the virgin, in a crazy Friday night, or a Saturday morning after dancing.

They talked with passion about politics and wanted to change the world. Here are some of the reasons on why a 45-year-old woman is never going to wake you up to ask “What do you think about me?”, she doesn’t care.

If a 45 or more year old woman doesn’t want to watch a soccer game, she wont be around you. She will find something different to do and generally, much more interesting.  A Women of 45 or more is self-confident enough to know what she wants and who she wants it with.

There are few women over 45 that care of what you think about what she does. A woman over 45 has already filled up her quote of “important relationships”. They are generous in praise. They already know how it feels to be under-appreciated.

They have enough self-confidence to introduce you her girlfriends.  Only a younger and immature woman will go up to ignoring her best friend.

Women will turn psychic as time passes. You don’t need to confess your sins to them, they already know them.  They are honest and discreet.  They tell you directly that you are a jerk if that is what they feel about you.

We have multiple good things to say about women of 45 or more for multiple reasons.

Unfortunately, is not reciprocal.  For every beautiful woman of 45 or more, intelligent, funny, and sexy, there is a man of almost or more than 50, bald, fat, and with wrinkled pants, trying to be funny with a 20-year-old woman, being totally stupid and embarrassing himself.


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