It’s the second time they call in a year or so, first time I got angry at them, but now, I had fun and wasted almost an hour of their time.

The scam goes like this, a call center (phone 021-036-1060 this time) representative (speaking English with Indian accent) tells you that they have noticed that your computer has problems or reporting errors and they offer a remote support or diagnostic to help you with this, they say that your computer is slow, and that you need immediate remote support to fix it.

They can claim that they offer support to Microsoft or Windows, or that they call from your Internet Service Provider.

Then they make you go to either the web browser or the “run” box (Ctrl + R), and type or and These are legit web addresses for a legit company that offers remote support solutions, they are either abusing their contract or using the free version for the scam.

I keep telling them that I cannot download the software (support.logmein.exe) or that when executed nothing happens, finally they tell me to go with the browser to, this is also a legitimate software company that provides remote support solutions, even they know about the scam, more info here.

When I cannot sustain the lie anymore, I was running Linux all the time, they get very angry and say “nice” things about my mother.  I just love to make them waste their time.

Next time, instead of a Linux computer, I will have a Virtual Windows computer to see what they do … Round 3.

There are lots of information in Google about this scam, basically they trick illiterate computer people into downloading a software, either a back door, or a key logger, to make your computer part of a bot-net, to steal your financial information or hijack your computer for ransom.

So, my advice, be careful, and if you are a techie, waste their time and spread the word.


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