On School Neutrality …

Today I took my little one to Nursery School, on the way, along Altavista Dr., we passed in front of St. Patrick’s High School.  St. Pat’s is a Catholic School, within the Ottawa Catholic School Board.  Now my point is this, in front of the school a Pro-Life group was making a rally, showing graphical pictures of fetuses, after the abortion, this is in a street with continuous traffic, and several elementary and nursery schools around.

My point is that even if the school is under the same philosophical umbrella, catholic, pro-life, it should stay neutral.  It shouldn’t be allowed have on its grounds any rally, political, religious, labour, union, etc.  The safety of minors is at stake.  Students should not take part in any rally.  They can have debates inside the school, guided by teachers, and protected by the school, but not on the public street.  I am highly opposed of children in rallies of any kind.  It is my belief that the situation could become tense and even dangerous at any minute, and to have children in the mix is irresponsible.

Minors, even in high school, should be taught about freedom of expression in a responsible way, because that same freedom of expression can be used to support statements contrary to theirs.

Eleanor Roosevelt said it, with great freedoms, come great responsibilities.


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