Selling 9/11

America is the only country where the 9/11 tragedy is sold. Remembering, yes; honouring heroes, yes; paying tribute to the fallen, yes; selling 10th anniversay special editions of books, fake collector’s coins, watches, and pens, no.  The most disgusting example is a kid’s colouring book (Al-Jazeera).  Next thing would be a poster of “the falling man”.

Newscasts, magazines, and cable TV are abound of “documentaries”; all hashing some version of “the truth”, the official version of events; and some other still feeding conspiracy theories.

In my humble opinion, only Al-Jazeera provides a balanced view, on how an attack on american soil, (the second one if we count Pearl Harbour), changed world politics forever, and makes “the land of the free” less free; and closer to those ideals who american have fought against, tirany, opression, fear, uncertainty, and doubt.

Only in New York, illegal aliens are selling pictures of 9/11, and tickets are sold to visit Ground 0.

Only in the states, the mighty american war machine can fight two wars, Irak and Afganistan, without much motives, and justified by lies.

Osama Bin Laden is dead . One man succesfully evaded the biggest military power on earth for 10 years, with lots of ingeniuty; only to be killed when pools were caving in for Obama, so he needed to show leadership.  The killing of Bin Laden was never near a triumph, and only in America his killing created more fear of revenge than joy.

Was as it worth it?  Has something changed?  Certainly 157 canadian soldiers will never return; the world is less free; and living conditions in Irak and Afghansitan have not improved.

Capitalism makes remembrance a business, and apparently a very profitable one.


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