Ground Zero

Ground Zero

Macabro experimento con JavaScript y Google Maps, simplemente das la ciudad o sitio del planeta y el tipo de arma termonuclear, desde Fat Man de Hiroshima, miserables 1.5 kilotones, o Tzar Bomba, la explosión nuclear mas grande jamas lograda, cortesia del ejercito soviético en los 60s.
Ahora, si nos estamos sintiendo como los dinosaurios, en la cúspide de la evolución, podemos imaginar los efectos si un asteriode nos choca.

One Reply to “Ground Zero”

  1. The biggest meteor hit we ever had cause a 95% extinction of all species on the planet.It was not the only one, more than 6 major hits have been found.Also, the explosion of Yellow Stone national park also caused max extinctions as big or bigger than meteor hits… it explodes about every 600 000 years and it has now been 630 000 years since the last explosion, KABOOM! 😉


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