Patriot Games

Well, based on popular demand, I am going to try and write this one in English.

Nope, I am not reffering to the movie with Harrison Ford, I am referring to the political crisis affecting Canada’s parliament last week.

Wierd Canadian politics, a new goverment is elected and sworn in last October, the House of Commons resumes functions, and a Throne Speech is voted in, giving a minority to the winning party, Conservatives, and giving it’s head, Stephen Harper, mandate as Prime Minister.

The Liberal party, in no position to argue since they have been playing “dead dog” for a year not voting against Government bills and had a disastrous election campaign with Stephan Dion, accepts the Throne Speech, and in media interviews when asked if they will vote down the goverment, Liberal MP John McAllum answers “It would be juvenile and irresponsible to do that, we just came out of an election”.

But behold! A week passes, the Government tables an Economic Statement, wich includes hemlock in which the political parties will vote in their bankrupcy since the Federal Government will withdraw the $1.95 per vote public tax financing to the political parties. With the excuse of inaction from the elected government in the middle of the worst economic crisis known since the depression, Frankenstein is born embodied in a improvised coallition formed by the Liberal party and the New Democratic Party, with the tacit support of the Bloc Quebecqois.

Now all parties have wraped themselves in the Canadian Maple Leaf, well, except the Bloc, which only wraps itself in the “Drapeau Quebecqois”. The coalition wanted to form an unelected government, kicking out the elected government, to implement urgent economic stimulus to save the canadian economy. The conservative party is calling the coallition separatist and sponsoring a “coup d’etat”.

At the end, fortunately, the GG had to choose the lesser of three evils: To grant the frankenstenian coallition powers to govern, to call an election, or to prorogue the sitting of the parliament. The parliament sitting was prorogued, letting things to loose preassure and cool down.

Now the government has until January 26 to table a Budget, which will be a confidence motion. If the Conservatives loose, new elections will be called. If the coallition still survives until then, well, they can vote the government down, present themselves united as an alternative, and form a new government.

For now, the big pause button has been pressed on parliament hill.

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