A Canadian ID?

The case of Paul Hampel, an alleged russian spy captured in Pierre Trudeau International Aiport on November 16, along with the recommendations of the Auditor General Sheila Fraiser, where she outlines that Passport Canada doesn’t have the means to verify the autenticity of provincial birth certificates, may be reasons why there could be the need of a Federal Canadian Identification.
When I recieved my citizenship certificate, I gave out my Permanent Resident Card, a modern document with the latest in technological security measures to prevent couterfieting, such as laser engraving, holograms, biometrics, picture, signature; in exchange, I recieved my citizenship certificate which is a piece of the technology available in the 60’s, with a total lack of security measures makes this document easily forgeable.
Generaly speaking the main identification document is a driver’s license, and each province sets it’s own standards, beyond that, a Passport is maybe the only other piece of identification available, but only 15% of Canadians have one.
Also Elections canada doesn’t have the means to verify the identity at at the time of casting avote.
Is it time to develop a National ID for Canada?
Even my canadian colleagues and friends, say that I am “more Canadian” that they are, because actually I have a piece of identification that states that I am Canadian.
With the exception of a passport, there is nothing that says that they are Canadian, they have a birth certrificate that states in which province they were born, there is the universal SIN card for taxes and retirements or education saving funds, but it lacks a picture and a signature.

The solution? Maybe start using the template of a Parmanent Resident Card to make a Citizenship Certificate and to give it to every Canadian.

In the same manner as Canada had a flag in 1965 and brought back the consitutiuon in 1982 maybe it time to start thinking about a Canadian ID.


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